What is SIBSAN

SIBSAN, Swedish International Business School Alumni Network, is a network with over 1000 alumni from international business schools. We arrange business seminars, lunches and social activities that enable our members to have stimulating meetings with peers. Within SIBSAN, key decision makers are found at important roles in the Swedish business community. Our alumni have an interest to extend the international educational experience and to continue growing professionally. Thousands of business cards have been exchanged and numerous new contacts have taken place at our network activities. The guest speakers at our seminars and lunches appreciate the interactions and the open communication that is so characteristic of our events

Why an international business school network in Sweden?

SIBSAN was started in 2003 by a number of MBA schools' alumni chapters in Sweden, with similar interests, needs and challenges. While of varying size and geographical spread in Sweden, all clubs sought to offer their alumni inspiring and current business input and also stimulating network opportunities. To achieve critical mass and a solid pool of resources and network, the schools decided to join forces.

The Swedish International Business School Alumni Network has a two-pronged mission:

1. To promote and spread knowledge of the MBA degree to the Swedish business community.

2. To arrange interesting business seminars and network opportunities for its network of MBA Alumni in Sweden.

Today, SIBSAN is an active network for international graduates from 16 schools who want to meet with colleagues and are keen to catch up with the latest academic research combined with real business experience.